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Indigenous Spring
A Health & Wellness Gathering

Singer Invoice
Invoices and W9s must be submitted to Shelby by Monday March 25th to ensure payment is ready by the day of the event. To submit documents, download them as a pdf after you've added the required information then email them to
Invoice Instructions
  1. Click on Skeletor. This will download the invoice document on your device.
  2. Fill out the required information highlighted in yellow.
    • Legal Name
    • Address
  3. Add your signature to the bottom.
  4. Download the document with your updates.
W9 Instructions
  1. Click on Evil-Lyn. This will lead you to the W9 from on your web browser. Fill out the required information.
    • Line 1: Name​
    • Line 5: Address 
    • Line 6: City, State, Zip Code
    • Part I: Social Security Number
  2. Add your signature and today's date.
    • Part II: Certification (Singature of U.S. Person & Date)​
  3. Download the document with your updates.
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